In 2014, term dispersed that Tucker began dating, Cynne Simpson, Donnie Simpsonaˆ™s niece

In 2014, term dispersed that Tucker began dating, Cynne Simpson, Donnie Simpsonaˆ™s niece

Whenever the majority of us think about Chris Tucker, two things most likely one thinks of- his trademark high pitched vocals he’s got and another of his traditional one liners from aˆ?saturday,aˆ? eg aˆ?You had gotten pulled the F**K out!aˆ? The thing that many of us don’t fundamentally consider when considering Chris, is actually their pretty comprehensive dating records with popular and never so well-known lady. But don’t worry ILOSM fam,’ that’s planning to change now, because we’re bringing you an update from the Tucker’s dating online game these days. It appears that stuff has changed, since we past advised y’all that he was engaged to the niece associated with the popular aˆ?Video Soulaˆ? host/radio individuality, Donnie Simpson.

Engagement Canceled

Cynne rather accompanied in her own uncle’s footsteps and made a great profession for by herself while watching cam, choosing other people. She is a well known retired television development point for Atlanta’s Fox-5 station…which try how she actually satisfied Chris Tucker, after interviewing him for 1 of this lady information segments.

By 2015, Chris and Cynne were involved and they’re union felt truly encouraging. During that time, Cynne had been rockin’ that larger stone on her behalf remaining fist (as seen in the above picture), and Chris got smiling from ear-to-ear with Cynne Simpson on their arm at red carpet events and these types of. Sadly, their own involvement didn’t final extended and so they never ever managed to get toward adjust.

Both Cynne and Chris have moved on. Unsure if Cynne is now in a partnership, but today, she’s committed herself to become a humanitarian efforts. Chris features another stunning girl on their arm today…

Fulfill Tucker’s Present Girl

Introducing y’all to Chris Tucker’s new woman, Jarneen Chaney Brown. As you can tell, she is definitely a banger also. Jarneen is an actress from Atlanta and possess her very own marketing and advertising firm, Atlanta Injury facilities LLC, which focuses on marketing and advertising services mainly for attorneys and attorneys. She also helps consumers to their physical fitness journeys, as a personal coach for her organization, Get Fit B J.

Tucker very first gone general public with Jarneen in 2016, apparently soon after the guy and Cynne Simpson parted ways. By 2017, he also turned up at a red-carpet event together with his mummy on a single side as well as the lovely Jarneen on the other … we obviously understand adore try genuine when he takes the girl home to Momma. And age Catholic Sites dating site after, they are nonetheless going stronger.

Chris and Jarneen it seems that remain dependable within union in 2021, because directly into desire the woman aˆ?babe,aˆ? Chris Tucker a pleasurable 50th orbit all over sunlight:

Please help me want a pleasurable 50th Birthday to Chris! Many thanks for being thus great inside and out! You’re my Bestfriend, My admiration, good grandfather, A Good buddy, a boy, a great Brother , Uncle and fantastic character unit To numerous. Happy 50th birthday celebration Babe!! May this be the best birthday celebration buta?¤i?? May goodness Continue To Bless your Today and many other ahead….?Y??a?¤i?? -Jarneen

One fascinating thing i possibly couldn’t assist but see about Chris and his awesome boo-thang, is he appears to essentially hold Jarneen from their social media pages, although she offers pictures of these with each other on the content. That means nothing though because plainly, the pair of them were loving her time with each other. Therefore perhaps Tucker’s cropping stunts are simply an indication that he’s sick of producing their relationship standing people. But IF that is the case, he may want to bring an easy chit-chat with his girl, to enable them to be on exactly the same page in terms of that.

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